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Since its establishment in 1979, The Nadree Co., Ltd., has grown with the unvarying love of its customers, leaving big marks in the history of cosmetics along the way.

Today, The Nadree Co., Ltd., changes its business name to INNOCENCE Co., Ltd., in May 2013 and renews itself with the vision of becoming a Happy Solution Corporation in the Beauty & Health industry, bringing true happiness to its clients. To realize such vision, we make three promises.

First, we promise to take on the creative challenge of acquiring the competitiveness required in the international market. As part of such effort, we plan to move out to world markets such as China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Central and South America, etc., as a means of attaining a global foothold instead of confining ourselves to within the boundaries of the domestic market in terms of manufacturing and distribution. We will also pursue more aggressive development of new products with the bold use of new ingredients and materials as a bio-cosmetics corporation.

Second, we promise to become a business that realizes dreams of beauty. We will become a corporation that provides the optimum solution for people to maintain good life with beauty and health.

Lastly, we promise to stand straight as an honest business that always pursues the good.

We will not stick to small interests but focus on the big picture, always complying with business ethics. We will build up trust with reliable products and services that our clients can rely on at all times.

We sincerely ask you once again to support INNOCENCE Co., Ltd’s new challenges and changes with unwavering affection and encouragement.